Adobe Reader Issues with Windows 10

03 Sep

Adobe is one of the finest utility which comes with a reliable bard name. Adobe Reader works magically on every existing platform, but updating Windows to Win 10 can affect s its functioning, so this is how you can deal with the non-functional Adobe Reader, calling Adobe Help and Support is one of the best solution and rest of the solutions are below underneath.

Modify The Settings in Adobe Acrobat:

  • Go to Adobe Acrobat and Click Edit in the list of menus.

  • Select Preferences in the Edit menu.

  • Open the categories in the Select Security Enhances on Preferences window.

  • Un-tick the Protected Mode at Startup” to disable the Sandbox protection.

  • Select the “Enable Enhanced Security” and Close.

Repair the Adobe Reader Installation:

May often Adobe reader functioning can be hampered due to damaged resources. This is how you can troubleshoot the damaged Adobe reader:

  • Open Adobe Reader on your device.

  • Go to “Help” section in the menu list.

  • Select Repair Adobe Reader installation and then “Restart” your device.

Update your OS:
If you are not able to resolve the issues with the above-mentioned methods, you can try updating the version of Windows or respective OS because outdated OS can prevent you accessing the Adobe reader utility on your device.

Download the latest patch:

The outdated version of Adobe may create problem after updating your operating system to Win 10 and hence it is necessary to update the product to use it on Win 10 in a smooth manner. This is how you can update the latest version of Adobe reader on your device:

  • Go to Adobe Reader.

  • Go to help in the Menu bar.

  • Select Check for update and help from the drop-down menu.

  • To start a new version Click on download and then restart.

Uninstall and Reinstall Adobe Reader:

On many occasion, deleting the downloaded Adobe version and re-installing the latest patch can be helpful to get rid of issues while using it on Windows 10. All you need is to delete the product from your device long with the traces and restart your device.

Switch to Another PDF Reader:

For Windows, a default PDF reader comes inbuilt and a default browser. Though it may have fewer features than third-party apps, it is easy to operate on your device. Also, after updating your OS, the utility automatically updates on its own without any manual action.

If you are not able to use Adobe reader after upgrading your operating system to Win 10, you can simply switch to the default PDF file. This is how you can do it:

  • Click right on the PDF file.

  • Go to open with from the list of menu.

  • From the list of program, select the default PDF to open your PDF file.

Dial Adobe Support Number and call experts to resolve the issues which are preventing you to access Adobe reader on your Windows 10 based device. Adobe Customer Service is accessible all around the clock to help the troubled users.

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